The Albino Trust of Zimbabwe is a non profit making organization that Advocates and Promotes an appreciation for diversity in people , Enhancing development through economic, social and political integration.

We are an albinism, youth led and founded organization. Our main objective is to empower all persons with albinism and other forms of disabilities in Zimbabwe, through mainstreaming them for social, economic and political integration or transformation. Noting that as persons with disabilities we don’t exist in isolation, we advocate for safety to the generality of Zimbabweans regardless of their age, colour, class, gender or sexual orientation and conformity. To achieve the intended results projects are designed and implemented by the experts and intended beneficiaries under the relevant desk. All our projects and activities speak to our mission and vision.


Promote peaceful coexistence for sustainable development.



We envision a Zimbabwe with equal opportunities for all, user friendly laws and policies that allows inclusive, meaningful engagement and free participation, politically, socially and economically for sustainable development

Friends with Albinism (sponsored by ZIMPLATS)