Understanding the big role in character shaping and building in humanity played by arts and culture. We regard it unworthy if our members don’t participate. It is our thrust to see that we all meaningfully engage and participate at all levels as both actors and spectators. Talent identification and support is one of our priorities as we seek to transform arts and culture products into reliable economic activities, speaking to the United nations sustainable development goal of ending poverty by 2030.

We also promote research and policy reforms in this sector as way of moving along with sectoral needs and wants with regards to international standards. All our projects are beneficiaries oriented with specification approved by the funder. Geographical coverage is resource based as to the project. It is important to note that our projects can be run independently or interchangeably, for example arts and culture can be used to challenge and change restrictive gender norms against women and trans. All our on-going projects under this sector will be showing the funder and duration of activities as well as calendar of events. This will only apply if  the funder authorised us to do so. All our projects are carried out in respect, promotion and appreciation of cultural diversity.